The CooperRatings business analysis process has been designed with both time and cost efficiency in mind.

There are six steps in the process. They take you from the initial login right through to a printed business analysis report that you can walk away with.


Whether you are a first time user or member, you always enter via the CooperRatings home page. This offers two entry points, one for visitors and one for registered members.

Visitors can view information about the CooperRatings analysis process and view sample material, such as this guide.

Members can log in and start or continue analysing their chosen businesses.

Business Registration

To use the full CooperRatings service, you begin by registering as a new user. Your personal contact details (name, address etc) and information about the business to be analysed are entered at this point. When that has been done you will be provided with the username and password you need to begin the analysis.

During this process you also confirm the purchase (by credit card) of the diagnostic areas relevant to your business. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be free to view and print your CooperRatings reports.

(Both your personal and business details are securely stored and will under no circumstances be passed on to a third party.)

Customised Progress Status

Every time you log in as a user, you will go straight to your own customized home page. From here you can begin a new diagnostic or continue completing an unfinished diagnostic.

You can leave and re-enter the process at any time without losing your data. As well as that, you can add a new business whenever you like, making it possible to analyse separate businesses under the one membership account.

Diagnostic Questions

The diagnostic process covers a number of main topic areas, each with ten sub-categories. These in turn have ten questions. It's very thorough, as you would expect, and you can take as many sessions, and as long as you like, to complete it.

Your responses are analysed against the CooperRatings benchmarks; a detailed business strategy and development database compiled over many years of enterprise research.

Business Analysis Report

When you have completed each diagnostic topic, CooperRatings creates a detailed and thorough business report, that identifies the strengths of the business — and areas that would benefit from attention.

Printable Business Analysis Report (coming soon)

Your full report can be printed as a professional and independent document that you can then use for reference and as support material when engaging in projects such as:

• Raising capital
• Starting a business planning exercise
• Preparing promotional material