CooperRatings provides reports about a whole range of business functions: from Management to Marketing, Innovation to Investment Readiness. They can be purchased one by one - or you can take the full set at once.

The reports are very thorough - but they can be time-consuming, even if taken one at a time. So CooperRatings also offers a variety of snapshot views, each one focused on a particular kind of business (Manufacturing, Agriculture or Service). There's even provision for start-ups.

The main thing is that you can pick and choose - and come back for more at any time.

  First Look - Take the plunge?   $55
  First Look - Business Idea   $55
  First Look - Product Prospects   $55
  First Look - Market Prospects   $55
  First Look - Agriculture   $110
  First Look - Manufacturing   $110
  First Look - Service & Professional   $110
  First Look - Investment Readiness   $110
  Management $55
  Workforce $55
  Investment $55
  Marketing $55
  Export $55
  Sales $55
  Operations $55
  Computing $55
  Quality $55
  Benchmarking $55
  Innovation $55
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